Customer Experience

RONIN conducts over 100,000 customer insight interviews annually for the world’s largest companies. We specialise in having the people, technologies and processes to do this work on a global basis, and routinely conduct interviews in over 50 countries.

Key customer experience research capabilities include:

  • Design?and modelling expertise to ensure the greatest return from customer experience programmes that go far beyond scorecards.
  • Flexible?methodologies tailored to the client’s needs. Some of our customer experience programmes are entirely qualitative, while others entail large, continuous phone and online interviewing.
  • Centralised?operations model with all interviewing and data collection handled from the London operations centre, guaranteeing consistent implementation regardless of country.
  • Support?for over 55 languages using native-speaking interviewers.
  • In-house?translation and coding departments.
  • Systems?and security for managing and returning confidential client data.
  • Alert?systems for immediate notification of customer issues.
  • Digital?recording of all interviews for client access through a project-specific portal.
  • Seamless?integration with client NPS systems.
  • A?full service client insight division to handle all aspects of a comprehensive programme including design, analytics, modelling and reporting of such programmes.

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